Medusa and her bf Character explorations :x
mood boardssss
I have no clue what to do for my environment though U_U
hexpanda: Did you have trouble coming up with a good concept for your animated film?


If you mean my grad film, then YES! To be perfectly honest, I had no clear vision of what I was going to do until February (the film was due in april). In fact, that was probably my lowest emotional point in all my time at University, I was completely disheartened. But once I stopped trying so hard to make my old concept work, my mind was clear enough to process new ideas and try new things and then I had a month and a half to finish and I did :)

Ugh, I’m totally in that spot right now -_- 

This gives me hope though!

#heavybreathing #soon
Updated character sheet, with a dash of color :3
Finals and storyboards 😵 #scad #finals #homework #storyboards #animation
Character roughs! Storyboard and updated mood board coming soon!